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DO NOT Attempt Social Media Without Having the Basics Covered

August 14th, 2012

To this date, I still hear customers demanding to start a Facebook Page without first understanding what their brand stands for – or even what benefit their brand delivers to a customer. How can you develop a Social community and a following without first understanding who you are? Imagine the awkwardness of Mitt Romney trying to mingle in an ACLU mixer. The same goes for any brand trying to generate a following without first understanding what they stand for and who is most likely to sympathize with their message.

In this Latin Business Today installment, I explain the basics of a Positioning Statement:

Positioning Statement 101..

One of the most basic tenets in marketing is one of the most often overlooked by entrpreneurs as they start their businesses. For the most part we all seem to get “starstruck” by the social media phenomena. Instead of thinking about who is our customer and what key benefit our product delivers to them, we ask how to start a Facebook page or what to tweet about….(read more)

Once you have your positioning statement you can continue to my post on Brand Persona for further help in Customer Social Media engagement.

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  • Louis Furlo

    As usual you got it right, you have to do the hard work FIRST. 


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