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Time for a Gut Check – Have You Forgotten Your #1 Digital Media Asset?

May 15th, 2012

Your Website is your Hub for all that happens

First, my apologies to my readers for not posting as regularly lately. Fortunately for me I have been kept extremely busy by a great forward thinking client which have not only kept me challenged, but also away from a continuous barrage of trivial information. The one thing I have noticed though, is that with all the writing going on about Pinterest growth, or Google + Hangouts broadcasting or even Facebook’s IPO, we seem to be moving farther and farther away from the basics of Marketing and closer to the resource wasting H&H (hoopla and hype). As you can imagine this has been my Pet Peeve from Day 1.

With this in mind, and in my quest to keep us all grounded, I just published an article in my colleague’s webzine, Latin Business Today which focuses on reminding you one more time of the basics.  Before adding one more Social Network to your portfolio – have you given a closer or second look to your own website?

Read more about my high level tips advice about tending to your Company Website at Latin Business Today titled When it Comes to Digital Marketing: Focus First On Your Number One Asset.

And as always feel free to comment to your heart’s content. I appreciate each and every one of your insightful comments, and I promise to pay extra attention to any opposing point of view.  Feel free to reach me if you would like to review my thoughts in a more quantitative and practical manner.  You can contact me via email: zeus@jrgrana.com, Twitter: @zeusofmarketing and Facebook: Zeus of Marketing. You can also find additional contact information via LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/jrgrana.


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