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Occupy the Occupiers – a Social Media Opportunity? Let’s all Build – Not Complain

October 12th, 2011

Is it just me? Am I the only person preoccupied with the potential effects of the “occupy” protests? Not to be an alarmist, but they could have dire results in our economy, results that would greatly please the forces that have been attacking our democracy. (A great resource for staying up to date: ListenLogic.com ‘s Occupy Threat Center for all the latest information, including the threat level graph).

My intent is not to be political, but to help identify potential opportunities to utilize Social Media  in a positive brand building, value generating way.  As I regularly post in my personal networks, what good is a protest that generates negative sentiment without providing potential solutions and recommendations? Reminds me of the tale of the Pied Piper which only objective was to lead the rodents to drown in the river. Who’s problem did that solved? Definitely not those of the rodents.

For years financial institutions have been talking about Customer Relationship Management, recently increasing their retail presence and positioning themselves as community pillars and civic partners in helping grow the local economies which they serve. Well, I would say the time is now to create a war room with your marketing departments, ad and PR agencies and develop strong messages that communicate potential solutions to helping America create value. Identify project opportunities that will not only enrich the economy in the communities they serve but also give a chance to aimless protesters to put their efforts into building instead of lame sittings, walkings and whatever else “occupiers” do.

My recommendation would be to look at campaigns such as Pepsi Refresh to identify ways to develop local economy opportunities via programs like micro-loans to small businesses, re-training facilities and even employ potential local ambassadors to help brand image and idea identification in their communities. Let’s provide the naysayers with tools and resources to build, not destroy. While an industry wide effort would be more efficient, I recommend that you start with the following steps:

  1. Monitor what is being said about your company
  2. Identify the influencers – where did the comments originate?, anyone or specific group is most vocal?
  3. Analyze their main concerns – Ideate ways to solve, ameliorate
  4. Engage

As business people and bloggers let’s start our own movement – “Occupy minds to produce not destroy” I welcome not only your retweets but your ideas on how we can help make a difference. Let’s take a break from writing about the meaning of a Facebook “like,” or the chances of Google + succeeding, etc, and come up with ideas and recommendations to use the tool of Social Media to rebuild and resolve.

Stay tuned for my next blog.  In the meantime, please share your thoughts below; I appreciate each and every one of your insightful comments, and I promise to pay extra attention to any opposing point of view. You can also contact me via email: zeus@jrgrana.com, Twitter: @zeusofmarketing and Facebook: Zeus of Marketing. You can also find additional contact information via LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/jrgrana




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  • Anonymous

    Just read this article from AMEX OPEN Newsletter, I believe is a step in the right direction:
    “Tired of waiting for the government and banks to act or, perhaps sensing an opportunity, big business has stepped in to tackle an unusual opponent: the credit crunch. Specifically, several big companies such as Starbucks, Chevron and IBM have recently announced programs that give small and mid-size businesses access to capital they can’t seem to otherwise get these days.”…http://bit.ly/sudDL2

  • CT Charlie

    I would like to know more about you. Are you a Republican, Democrat, or Independent? Do you belong to the Tea Party or favor them? Are you in the top 1%, 3%, 5% for annual income? Do you think that the Arab Spring protests are good for their country. Do you think that big banks have no responsibility for our nation’s predicament? Should some executives of big banks have federal charges filed against them that could result in jail terms if found guilty? As for me, I am a Democrat but no longer believe that either Party has our county’s interests in mind, only their own. . We need a new political party, a MIDDLE CLASS PARTY. Demonstrations are ongoing in NYC against big business. It is going nationwide. The REPUBLICANS represent the UPPER CLASS. The Democrats represent the LOWER CLASS. (Note, this refers to their income, not their worth as a human being.) Their is no representation for the MIDDLE CLASS. That is evident by the fact that it is disappearing. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We need a MIDDLE CLASS PARTY to represent us and all UPPER CLASS and LOWER CLASS who understand that our society can not continue to exist without a robust MIDDLE CLASS. UNIONS should stop donating to the current political parties and fund a new MIDDLE CLASS PARTY. They have been disappearing at the same time as the MIDDLE CLASS. Union members and all others who understand the urgent need to do this to save our country should join the new MIDDLE CLASS PARTY.                   

    • Anonymous

      Glad to have provided you with a platform for your opinion. Just to clarify, the objective of writing this post was to elicit innovative ideas via Social Media that would bring solutions to our communities, not to defend or minimize the root causes of the situation. A third party could definitely be a potential solution, albeit outside the scope of my expertise.

  • Anonymous
  • Maria Botta

    JR, great idea!

  • Heather

    Excellent insight using a topical example to underscore the points of principle you continue to make re: social media.  As always, I enjoy reading and, best of all, use your guidance almost daily. 


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