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Hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your husbands….(Is this Social Media)?

April 7th, 2011

Viral is for everyone

What are we doing wrong? There has to be an easier, faster, more profitable way.  As marketers, how many times do we say this?  If you’re good at what you do, at least as often as you brush your teeth. There’s always a better way – otherwise we would still be sitting in front of an abacus under candlelight.

Can creativity and success in Social Media really come from following a formula, or does it come by sheer luck or just free-flow ideation? I am starting to believe that when it comes to Social Media a strategy is necessary but the initial idea(s) need to be innovative. As of Wednesday morning, I still had no idea what to write about this week. It’s been a slow week in Social Media News and my muse is on vacation, so I decided to be social in person (there IS a social world in real life, no need for @’s or #’s or .com’s), so I decided to have a talk with a very hip and talented 20 year old. We talked about the many possibilities of using Social Media to launch an artist career. The AHA!!! Moment came when instead of talking about Justin Bieber or “that girl with the annoying Friday song,” he gave me a tour of 3 of the current popular sites amongst the hip and young set which included a dentist patient (86 Million+ views), a rapist/perp victim (32 Million+ views) and a woman meeting her boyfriend at the park (11 Million+ views). There were a couple others but I want to maintain this blog as PG rated as possible.

I’ll leave the content and quality review to you, the important thing is that these videos, beyond impressions, have generated new business – the kid from the dentist has his own t-shirt and promotional items website. The others have had songs written about them  – I am sure they will be receiving Grammy’s next year and I bet production cost where none to minimal.  All it takes is a bit of humor, understanding what makes our audience tick and experimenting.  Maintain your objectives and strategies intact but relax those mandatory execution elements and then shoot and post.

If one in a thousand goes viral even at $250 per production cost … $250,000 it is still cheaper than a 30 sec. commercial production – So I ask again – What are we doing wrong?  I received two key insights in my conversation yesterday.

1. Need to think outside the box
2. Need to get out of our Ivory Towers/Comfort Zones (or couch or home office or Industry Expert conferences etc) and LISTEN… and always carry your video camera.

I could have written about Google +1 this week – and probably bored you to death, so I decided to go with my gut and give you some food for thought – no conclusions, no judgment. Just want to leave you this week with three final points:

1. You never know when or where the AHA!!! Moment is coming – so stay alert.
2. When looking for an idea – look where you have never looked before.
3. Innovation, like marketing, is part art and part science  – we should be so much better at it.

Stay tuned for my next blog.  In the meantime, please share your thoughts below; I appreciate each and every one of your insightful comments, and I promise to pay extra attention to any opposing point of view. You can also contact me via email: zeus@jrgrana.com, Twitter: @zeusofmarketing and Facebook: Zeus of Marketing. You can also find additional contact information via LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jrgrana


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  • Heather

    A great reminder that with all the social media options around us that the basics still rule: talk to the target! A tried and true source of inspiration, even more so if you are courageous, as you suggest, and can climb over the sides of your box:-)


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